Mulch trees to conserve moisture, provide protective area around tree base, discourage weeds, minimize soil heat fluctuations, etc

– Birch trees and lindens that are “dripping” honeydew are harboring aphid infestation; treat as – Begin to notice signs of stress from construction damage or root complications. Start remediation strategies, if necessary/possible.

– First week: Spray cherry trees for cherry fruit fly and brown rot if fruit is ripening. Spray for codling moth if detected in apple and pear trees. Continue to monitor for codling moth.

– Rake and destroy leaves that are falling off of apples and pears as these may be an indication of susceptibility to Scab disease. Several spray options are available to control disease

– Fruit trees drop excess in June. Afterward, you should thin by hand those left to protect limbs and produce larger fruit. Thin apples and pears to one or two fruits per cluster; peaches and plums to 8 inch spacing. Place traps in apple trees to detect codling moth emergence. Expect fruit flies in cherry trees with fruit.