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23 Oct 2015

Leave Tree Work to the Professionals

For the “do-it-yourself” homeowner, outsourcing tree work may seem like an unnecessary expense. But in reality, the costs of tackling tree care on your own can run high — damaged property, hospital bills, and a ruined landscape aren’t cheap.

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22 Oct 2015

Homeowner Responsibilities & Liabilities

As a homeowner, you are potentially liable for accidents that take place on your property. If you neglect your trees and they hurt someone, you are going to be held responsible for that person’s injuries. You may even be liable for the injuries sustained by tree care companies working on your property, if their paperwork is not in order.

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20 Oct 2015

Why Limbs Fall in your Yard

Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small, scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall in high winds or after ice storms while others merely bend? Should you worry about that large limb overhanging your driveway?

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