Tamarack Tree Service & Its Outreach


Preventative Maintenance

If you live in an area with trees, you know
the devastation that can occur after big wind storms. Preventing damage to property and buildings before something happens to a tree is the best solution. We call it preventative maintenance and that means having a professional tree service company come out to your property and inspect potentially hazardous trees. Trees that overhang  structures or power lines are always a potential problem

Tree Removal

Trees and branches can fall or crack during wind or rain storms and cause plenty of damage to houses, power lines, cars, etc. Often trimming back branches from roof lines or electrical lines is a simple solution in preventing future damage. Our experienced staff will point out trouble trees on your property and advise you on the best decision. Sometimes it’s just trimming branches while other times its complete removal of a tree.


Common tree removal risks include:

Power lines. Working near power lines is risky, and you should always assume that the wires are live. If you, your tools, or the tree hits a power line, you may knock out the power in your neighborhood – if you’re lucky. Most likely, you will be electrocuted. Another myth homeowners may believe about power lines is that the black coating on them is insulation. This is not true.
The black coating on power lines is weather-proofing for the metal cable. You can still get electrocuted through the weather-proofing.

Improper equipment. OSHA requires tree removal professionals to wear protective gear from head to toe. Tree care professionals are also trained in using equipment such as chain saws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers to safely fell and dispose of a tree. Homeowners would need all of this equipment – and the requisite expertise – to perform a successful and safe removal. Without it, they expose themselves to unnecessary risk.

Decaying wood. A dead or dying tree is often decaying from the inside out, making it extremely unstable. Even professionals sometimes use cranes to remove such deadwood. If you think your tree is starting to decay, find a professional to remove it before it collapses without warning. There are critical tree biology processes to understand when removing decayed trees, so professional help is always necessary.

Gravity. Once the tree starts falling, you have no control over where it goes. It also may not fall the way you expect it to, even if you try to influence it with carefully cut indentations or ropes. Poor judgment could result in the tree falling on homes, power lines, or people.